Saturday, July 05, 2008

Off again

Heading to the UK in a few hours time. One month there for training @ London then off we go!

Planning to visit 2 cities - Barcelona & Paris. The former has been my number one destination for ages. Besides the everpresent Gaudi, there's lots more to see. I'm going to be visiting a communications tower and a brand new office building Torre Agbar.. is it kitsch or slick? we shall see.

Paris will be for the museums (Louvre!! Rodin!! the Impressionists!!), Versailles, Giverny and the french life. Well, a week is far better than none.

Now I must stop. Haven't packed. Work life has not been so 'balanced', haven't caught any sleep for the past 3 nights due to attempt to clear the work, albeit thoroughly unsuccessful.


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