Thursday, April 24, 2008

From 24/33 to 10/23

KL : 24 - 33C
Melbourne : 10 -23C

I'm going back!

For a holiday, that is. Leaving this Fri night, arriving on Sat morning. We are having only one week break but its fantabulous!!

I can't wait to go back and enjoy the fresh air, cold crisp air, coffee, korean/HK/viet food, the Gardens, gallery and of course the friends!

They told me a Taiwanese opened a karaoke at Melb Central. I wonder, if there is time, we shall def go to see what its like in Melb. My colleague just asked me for our usual session at Nuway @ Puchong. Unfortunately they planned for Fri which is out.

Was at a senior colleague's farewell tonight. Its a wonder how we keep sane. Its been a long long time since I left work while the sky is still bright. Changes happen all the time. Who knows, by this time next year, one'll be at a totally different location, doing something totally different..?

Tomorrow shall be on a much needed leave. There's the Japanese test at night and I totally haven't studied. My 'sensei' is wonderful and I've made some great friends. Really hope to pass and it seems the centre is quite sure too, cos they've called up to inform on rates for the next level already, when I haven't even passed this.

If all goes well, will move on to intermediate. The best things from the course so far:
- meeting the mates
- learning this phrase - "biru o nomimassho ka" which means "lets go for a beer!"

I'm contemplating on bringing some work to do at night in Melb. After all, in commercial banking sales, the credits still need to be proposed. Just because you are on leave doesn't mean the customers' lives stop revolving.

Can't wait!!!


Anonymous wuching said...

welcome back!

10:23 am  
Blogger jean` said...

how was the tripppppp!

5:37 pm  

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